What We Do For: Light


An eCommerce platform that matched Light's ambition

What we do for: Light

Startups can dream big when they partner with Luzern. When an idea is disruptive and brilliant it needs the right eCommerce platform to scale its operations alongside its ambition.

Using 16 small cameras and advanced computational algorithms, startup Light has invented a camera with the power of a DSLR but in the size of a phone. With an impressive device capable of producing an ultra-high definition, 52-megapixel picture, the company knew it had something special to reveal to the press and public in April 2015. What Light did not know however was who would be enabling the company to capitalize on the global demand that this reveal would create.


Luzern’s successful track record with California-based tech companies

Light’s search of partners began by looking into their own backyard of Palo Alto, California, and became familiar with the work of Luzern for companies such as Jawbone and startup Zepp.

With its imminent product reveal, Light had pressing needs that were very unique: they needed the ability to process down payments on pre-orders, in unknown markets and currencies, but also to ensure their solution could provide the customer relationship management and order processing features to facilitate the completion of payment when the Light camera would ship at the end of 2016.


Flexible, scalable, future-proof eCommerce platform

While the company had short-term needs, it also needed a platform that was scalable enough to support their eCommerce ambitions across online stores and marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon once the product was fully launched. Light had two choices: find separate eCommerce partners for each priority, or find a partner that was flexible enough to handle both.

Within Luzern’s eCommerce platform, Light was especially interested in the merchandising and pricing modules. These would enable Light to sell both digital and physical products whether in pre-orders or as in stock items. Not knowing exactly where the demand for its products would originate from, these modules also afforded Light with the luxury of selling in over 100 countries no matter the language or currency. With the platform handling all payment processing, PCI compliance and fraud control, Light was confident in their eCommerce partner selection.


The reveal

When Light revealed its groundbreaking camera in April 2015, the company featured in media nationally and internationally, including on the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and Wired. Prior to this, Luzern was able to integrate the pre-order workflow right into light.co’s systems so the company could continue to focus on their innovative camera rather than on setting up new systems internally.

It did not take long before Light sold out its entire allocation of pre-orders. As the company supply chain and fulfillment processes continue to expand globally, Luzern continues to be the global eCommerce partner needs to enable Light to meet its ambitions.