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PetSafe could lean on Luzern's expertise to generate significant sales and to deliver a positive brand experience in international marketplaces.


  • US-based PetSafe had a growing customer base abroad and wanted to start selling on marketplaces
  • PetSafe was unfamiliar with the product selection and pricing strategy on international marketplaces
  • PetSafe worked with Luzern to open a new sales channel that was integrated directly into their existing processes via the Luzern eCommerce platform
  • Luzern now develop and operate marketplace listings as well as online stores across Europe and Australia


As an American company, would selling on marketplaces across Europe raise your brand awareness and inform your expansion strategy? For PetSafe, that’s exactly what working with Luzern did.

PetSafe is the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United States. A company with innovative research and advanced designs at its core, it also is constantly seeking for new ways to reach more pet owners across the world.

Using marketplaces to reach new markets

It is this vision that turned PetSafe to use eCommerce in order to reach new markets. At the time, the company had zero manufacturer-driven online presence on marketplaces. They would sell some products to Amazon from time to time and would notice distributors selling on eBay, but that caused two major problems: they were only getting pennies on the dollar for their innovative products and they were losing control over their brand image.

As a brand with an ever-growing, passionate customer base, this was an issue that needed to be addressed. PetSafe was unfamiliar with product selection and prices on international marketplaces. Further complicating the situation was the impact managing hundreds of listing would create on the company’s inventory and logistics processes. The company turned to Luzern when it saw it could provide:

Multi-channel pricing analysis, to see which marketplace and country brought the best return on investment.

Competitive benchmarking, to outperform competitors also selling on marketplaces.

Order processing workflows, unifying all PetSafe parties involved in selling and fulfilling products

Inventory management, limiting oversell and disappointed customers

Industry and performance insights, helping PetSafe target which markets should come next

Customer service, handling all queries stemming from marketplace sales


Without the internal expertise in place to generate significant sales and to deliver a positive brand experience in international marketplaces, PetSafe could lean on Luzern to accelerate their eCommerce strategy.

Selling on a massive scale on marketplaces made possible

Luzern’s marketplace team used the Luzern platform to benchmark existing competitors, pricing strategies and countries to target by PetSafe.

During this process, Luzern’s integration team pulled PetSafe’s inventory feed and marketing information into the Luzern eCommerce Platform in order to take advantage of its native integration to Amazon and eBay in countries around the world. Within a few weeks the Luzern team was simultaneously listing the same product quantity on multiple marketplaces without exclusive quantity allocation, the platform automatically updating quantities on each marketplace to prevent overselling.


The Luzern eCommerce platform being integrated to PetSafe warehouses and logistics suppliers, it could drop ship orders directly from eBay and Amazon, driving additional sales without impacting existing processes. The company could easily track and record online sales internally by logging in to the Luzern reporting tool.

Greater brand consistency and a growing reach

Working with Luzern on marketplaces has been one of the core reasons why PetSafe is currently reaching customers in 52 countries (and growing).

PetSafe has ensured greater brand consistency online by using Luzern’s branded listing templates, and greater awareness through more visibility on deal pages, directories and more.

After experiencing great success, PetSafe has also turned to Luzern to power its branded online stores. PetSafe was able to use the same feed integrated to the Luzern eCommerce Platform to run these stores in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and in 6 other countries.

So what’s next? PetSafe are currently assessing opportunities to launch on additional, emerging marketplaces and in additional countries.


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