What We Do For: Turtle Beach

in the United States, Canada and Europe


"Luzern completely transformed our ability to demonstrate the value of our brand and products on an online store"


  • Turtle Beach had a vendor operating US online stores
  • They turned to Luzern to develop and operate European stores in 7 countries
  • Following impressive sales and dedicated services, Turtle Beach turned to Luzern to replace their existing store in the United States


The Turtle Beach Corporation (NASDAQ: HEAR) has been developing audio technology for over 40 years. With over $1 billion in global revenue generated from the gaming headset category they pioneered nearly a decade ago, Turtle Beach continues to be the market leader through its commitment to innovation and its strategic focus in accelerating growth through new markets.

A need to refresh online stores with a modern platform

Turtle Beach wasn’t new to eCommerce. It already had an eCommerce platform in place for its online store in the United States but with a focus to expand to new markets, the company wanted start selling in Europe through online stores and marketplaces.

While the simplest choice would appear to be continuing to work with their current vendor, Turtle Beach experienced something many brands face: since signing on as a client, any modification in features or addition to scope of eCommerce would not be responded to, let alone any support in increasing sales on their american online store.

Time to look for a partner to sell online in Europe... and beyond

With a lighter organization in Europe than in the United States, Turtle Beach had clearly defined needs when launching branded online stores in Europe:

Hands-on eCommerce management, with an external team driving sales on B2C channels in order free up internal time and resources.
Global checkout and payment processing, to easily expand to any market in local currencies and languages.
Merchant of Record Services, for customer rights and tax legislation compliance in all markets.
Logistics & Shipping integration, ensuring their eCommerce platform were a holistic part of their end-to-end operations.

This criteria clearly highlighted Luzern’s strength as an eCommerce platform provider.

Even better, Luzern was the only supplier with an eCommerce platform that sell directly on marketplaces. For Turtle Beach, this meant that Luzern could quickly start generating online sales in Europe through its platform’s native integration to Amazon and eBay while simultaneously building its branded Direct-to-Consumer stores.

Turtle Beach upwardly adjusts its objectives three times

In less than 3 months, Luzern launched 7 online stores for Turtle Beach, covering all major European markets including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain, in all local languages and currencies. This also included Merchant of Record services in all markets, Fraud Prevention and integration to Turtle Beach’s logistics and fulfilment providers.


After the initial launch, the impact that the Luzern team had on Turtle Beach’s online sale was evident: Turtle Beach upwardly adjusted its targets three times in 2015 based on the results it had achieved with Luzern. This was the result of a improved conversion rates from a well-designed shopping experience, a team dedicated to driving online sales and impressive RoI of Luzern-driven PPC campaigns.


After success in Europe, refocus in the United States and Canada

In 2016 the stakes were even bigger for Turtle Beach. They had invested into the development of a completely new and groundbreaking headset, the Elite Pro, designed in partnership with superstar eSports team OpTic Gaming. The importance of the launch of this new flagship product was not to be underestimated. As a result Turtle Beach looked to improve its Direct-to-Consumer online offering in its biggest market: the United States.

“Luzern completely transformed our ability to demonstrate the value of our brand and products on an online store while driving sales above and beyond our original objectives”

Julian Woods, European Managing Director for Turtle Beach

When it launched, the new store was a hit. Content management and merchandising became more important than ever before. Luzern worked on new catalogue categorisation that would enable users to their relevant products quicker even with more new products being launched. These new pages included rich and modular product information, including videos and high resolution photo galleries, to show off the quality of the new products being launched online.

With Turtle Beach being synonymous with innovation and technology, it continues to work with Luzern to ensure it remains at the forefront of all new developments in the eCommerce industry.


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